Easton Corbin

“Turn up a little Conway Twitty,” Easton Corbin croons in his distinctive Southern drawl on latest single “Turn Up.” Within the track, Corbin blends traditional instrumentation with modern day production alongside vivid country storytelling for a sound that is uniquely his.

Corbin exudes country. His distinctive baritone has been gracing airwaves for the past decade as his chart topping debut single “A Little More Country Than That” established Corbin as a mainstay on the country charts. Billboard’s 2010 Top New Country Artist would go on to garner another No. 1 hit with the feel-good “Roll With It” as well as seven top 10 singles, further distinguishing himself from other male vocalists as a tried-and-true country traditionalist who weaves timeless story songs together while tipping his hat to the classic country artists who have come before him.

“That’s what I love and that’s what I do,” he says of his passion for traditional country music. “For me, it's about keeping one foot in the traditional and one foot in the modern and marrying those two. I’m a country singer: That's one of the things that I take pride in. I try to hone that craft and try to represent that.”

While 2020 marks the 10th anniversary of “A Little More Country Than That” achieving No. 1 status, Corbin shows no sign of slowing down with the release of his infectious new single “Turn Up” and more new music on the way. He promises a “wide array” of songs that include fiddle and pedal steel. As he embarks on a new chapter as an independent artist, Corbin says “A Little More Country Than That” still reflects who he is as an artist and where he sees his career going.

“That's really how I grew up,” he says of his career-defining song. “‘A Little More Country Than That’ radiates with me and my band as well because that really is who I am. That's where I came from, that's what I am. It’s just as important now as it was then, because that's the one that started it all for me. That’s definitely a staple of an Easton Corbin show. I think it also defines my audience and who they are.”

The Florida native was surrounded by music as a child. A Merle Haggard or Hank Williams record was always being spun at his grandparents’ house and a guitar was often lying around begging to be played. “My earliest memories are of me as a kid with a guitar, singing and playing along with the radio,” Corbin recalls. “I knew from an early age I wanted to be a country singer.”

After a decade in the spotlight, Corbin is more confident than ever. “I know what I want to say and what I don’t want to say, and I know what I would say and what I wouldn’t say,” he explains. “I think the new music will highlight the fact that we've been honing these songs and trying to cut the best songs and writing the best songs we can. I think this project, when people give it a shot, they'll see that.”

In the meantime, country fans can turn up a little Easton Corbin. 

Hayden Baker

Texas native, Hayden Baker, has gone from posting cover songs and “how-to” guitar tutorials on YouTube to opening for some of country music’s biggest stars in the span of just a few short years. His style of playing carefully blends the neo-traditional country sound complete with crying steel and soaring fiddle with ripping guitar solos reminiscent of Brad Paisley. Speaking of Brad, he has actually befriended Hayden and re-posted a few of his videos on social media. Hayden even got to step on stage with Brad in Cleveland, OH and jam with his band during soundcheck.

In December of 2018, Hayden released his first album entitled Born In The Wrong Generation. The lead track off of that EP, "How Many Beers" was released to radio and made it all the way to #35 on the TRRR chart. His first full length album will be released this fall with a few singles preceding it this summer.

He has received praise for both his guitar playing and songwriting skills from many industry giants; including Ronnie Dunn, Clay Walker, Chris DuBois, Wade Bowen and—his guitar hero—Brad Paisley. As Clay put it, “You have to be born with the gift of songwriting to be successful. This kid was born with it!”

Hayden's live shows are full of energy. Expect country-rocker's, high speed train beats, mid-tempo dancing songs, and a few waltz's full of fiddle and steel. Oh, and LOTS of guitar solos. Though Hayden has only been performing for a short time, he has accomplished more than most could dream of doing in their career. In November of 2018, Hayden stood in front of 5,000+ and opened the show for the great Willie Nelson at The Smart Financial Centre in Sugar Land, Texas. He has also opened for the likes of Larry Gatlin, Wade Bowen, Parker McCollum, Randall King, Josh Ward, Tracy Lawrence and Joe Nichols.

Copper Chief

With rock ’n' roll attitude and a grassroots country approach, Copper Chief is comprised of Mike Valliere (vocals, guitar), Rio Tripiano (vocals, lead guitar), Justin Lusk (vocals, bass), and John Jammall II (drums). This Austin/New Braunfels, TX based outfit has been tearing down highways from coast to coast over the last year and were recently featured as finalists on USA's "Real Country" with Travis Tritt along with being voted the Texas Regional Radio Report’s “New Band of the Year 2019”. A bucket of personality, tight three-part harmonies, undeniable Texas swagger, and intricate musicianship blend seamlessly together as the foundations of this group. They have produced a truly unique blend, drawing from the musical canons of several Southern styles including roots, rock 'n' roll, country, soul, swamp, psychedelic, and blues. This unapologetic sound paired with their high energy and free flowing live show has been hailed as a refreshing experience among today's musical climate. The debut, self-titled album released December 2017 has spawned 2 singles and was met with acclaim from both fans and radio personalities alike. Their passion is evident with every “leave it all on the stage” performance in front of steadily growing crowds, so don’t be late, come see what all the fuss is about! #hailtothechief

Peaches & Creme

Drunken 90's Country Awesomeness - aka, Cody Johnson's band minus Cody Johnson!

Kody West

Just one year after his first EP “Higher Ground” Kody and the band released their debut album “Green” in April of 2017 and found themselves quickly gaining a large following of loyal fans. In the past 3 years he and his band have traveled across the country headlining shows, as well as serving as the supporting act for artist like Charlie Robison, Whiskey Myers , and Koe Wetzel. They have now released their sophomore record “Overgrown” that was recorded in Kody’s hometown of Denton, Texas. Kody’s drive for Touring and live shows keep wheels always turning and the band always working. Try to keep up!

Austin Upchurch

From the humble beginnings of small town Godley, Texas, Austin Upchurch has been hungry to chase down a dream he didn't think was possible until he taught himself how to play guitar in his dorm room in college. After finishing school at Howard Payne University, he proceeded to chase after his own pursuit of happiness. With his initial release of a back-sided single titled All Wrong, Upchurch was able to get his dream out for people to sample for the first time. He released his music on Spotify, Amazon Music, and Itunes in 2017. In 2018 Austin realized he needed some help and started auditioning potential band members. After a mutual friend introduced Upchurch to bassist Will "Willy H" Carrier, there was an immediate creative connection. Consequently, Will brought on his life long friend Matt Pickard to play drums. After which, Austin brought on his good buddy Reed Barton to play lead guitar, and thus the band was formed. In January 2019, Upchurch and company started playing their first of many live shows while also releasing two more back-sided singles titled "Remember When" and "A Hundred Thoughts". After a successful first year, Upchurch and company started 2020 with the release of their single "Pearson Road", as well as two subsequent singles, "Aurora" & "Rain Coming Down," from their debut album "Breakdown" which was released on July 10, 2020.

Jon Gonzalez "Polar Bear"

Southerns and Jesse Peyton Comedy are proud to announce Viral Comedy Sensation, Jon “Polar Bear” Gonzalez will be performing LIVE in College Station on Halloween Eve: Friday, October 30th.

Jon is a stand up comedian, podcaster and entertainer living in the heart of Texas.

After getting involved in the local comedy scene, Jon quickly found success through the release of multiple comedy skits which went viral receiving millions of views on Facebook and TikTok. Since then Jon has toured all over the country performing his live standup show while also growing his fan base through his weekly show on Facebook and YouTube. Make sure to catch Polar Bear's live show when he comes through your city. You won’t wanna miss it!

Opening the night is Southerns favorite funnyman, Jesse Peyton hosting the event, with Israel Garcia also gracing the stage. This will be a night of high-energy hilarity you won’t wanna miss.

Extreme Dwarfanators Wrestling 

Age Restriction: 21+

Doors open at 6:30 PM

Show Time: 10:00 PM

The guidelines for the Dwarfanators Wrestling show fall in line with social distancing restrictions.

The venue’s bathroom will be limited to a number of people at a time.


$5 - Additional at the DOOR

$20 - General Admission* (Advanced)

$30 - Ringside**

$40 - V.I.P. Package***

*General admission pricing goes up by $5 at the door! Varies per venue, it is sometimes standing or seated.

**Ringside Seating begins in the 2nd row. Depending on the venue capacity, there can be any number of Ringside seated rows, sometimes as many as 10. Ringside guarantees you a seat in this section. Seats are not numbered or reserved.

***Guaranteed (but not numbered or reserved) 1st-row seating. VIP ticket holders have the privilege to meet and greet the wrestlers after the show.

This is a body slamming activity... MIDGET STYLE!!!

The World's smallest wrestlers are competing for the title! Midgets vs. Dwarfs in an all-out Pro Wrestling War.

Extreme Dwarfanators Wrestling will shock and delight you!

We are the baddest little show on earth! Don't miss this epic event!!!

NOTE: Tickets are non-refundable unless the show gets canceled. In some circumstances, the show might be rescheduled; the previously purchased tickets will be honored on the new date. We will send email blasts and post on our Facebook page ahead of time before the rescheduled date so you can clear out your appointments and make it to the event!

Follow the "Dwarfanators" elsewhere!

Facebook: Dwarfanators (https://www.facebook.com/Dwarfanators/)

Instagram: Extremedwarfanatorswrestling (https://www.instagram.com/extremedwarfanatorswrestling/)

Website: https://www.dwarfanators.com/

Raymond Orta

South Texan native, and comedy sensation, Raymond Orta is a BEAST on stage, and he’ll be in College Station LIVE Nov 6. Hosted by Jesse Peyton!

Southern’s is proud to bring Raymond Orta to The Brazos Valley and continue to solidify itself as College Station’s flagship comedy club in partnership with Jesse Peyton Comedy.

With his online following exploding over the last few years, Raymond has become a household name in comedy!

Raymond Orta has been doing stand up comedy since he was 8 years old.. he’s like one of those Asian kids with a guitar, but his medium is stand up comedy. Whether it’s his stage presence, his timing, his spot on impressions , his out of this world sound effects, Raymond Orta is a versatile Comedian to say the least.. but to say he’s funny is a monumental understatement.. funny doesn’t begin to describe this high energy show that will leave you clutching your ribs, massaging your face, even slapping tables and spitting fluids out of your nose and mouth.. It’s rumored that at one of his shows, he had a lady collapse and had to be taken out by ambulance and receive medical attention. Doctors later discovered that lack of oxygen from excessive laughter had caused her to pass out and lose her bodily function.. she was released, but the embarrassment of leaving a puddle of urine on the floor in sighted a lawsuit which is pending against Raymond Orta. Due to this, he now has people at his shows sign a waiver making him not responsible for anything that might happen because of his comedy, which can result in broken ribs, passing out, and even choking on an ice cube.

So sit back and enjoy one of the most incredible undiscovered talents in the country.. trust me when we say, This guy is going to be bigger than anyone can imagine.


Rich O'Toole

True artists know that music, like horizons and imaginations, has no limits. Just ask Rich O’Toole — or better, listen to his newest songs. Some have already been released online. All of them will be included in his album, New York, released June 26 on Average Joes’ new Texas/Americana imprint, Buffalo Roam records. Each one tells a story that’s pulled from O’Toole’s life, set to music that defies easy categorization. But we’ll try anyway. You’ll hear myriad influences in his emotional, sometimes wrenching vocals and instrumental tracks that punch like Springsteen’s New Jersey epics, roll like the prairie wind that haunts Mellencamp’s compositions and hark back to O’Toole’s Texas upbringing.

It’s as American as music can be, more universal than regional. On “California” he looks back on his time in L.A., asking his old self “Does the wine taste different in California? Do the stars shine a little too bright? Did you lose your faith in God on Sunset and Vine?” From the four months he spent in the apartment of a Manhattan friend, he takes us along on a prowl through “New York City,” a maze of “late nights, city sounds, back-alley bars” and “high-class women on eastbound trains.” Then there’s “Mississippi,” where he can cruise through paradise, where you can “turn on some Springsteen. I got the windows down, you can smell the salty air … ‘Dancing in the Dark,’ got the wind blowing through my hair.”

Clearly O’Toole has gone beyond his early acclaim from his self-released debut Seventeen. Having grown up in Houston, strong Texas roots nourished that album, earning praise from Americana Music Times (then called Texas Music Times) as the year’s “Best Album That No One Told You About.” But a wider range of influences drew him toward higher ambitions.

Nourished by this stream of influences, O’Toole would issue several albums. He hit the Country Music iTunes Chart with Jaded and topped the Texas Music Chart three times. He played countless gigs throughout the Lone Star State and beyond. Most important, he would open himself to life, accepting happiness and heartbreak as lessons that he could translate into passionate song.

Jacob Armitage

"Jacob Armitage is a singer/songwriter from a place outside of Midland, TX known as Greenwood. Inspired by the likes of Charlie Robison, Cody Canada, Robert Earl Keen and Randy Rogers, Jacob grew up playing and writing songs. It wasn’t until moving to Lubbock, Texas, when he began performing his songs live. Jacob has released two singles 'Runner' and 'Drift Away'. With his first release, Jacob remained on the the Texas Music Pickers chart for 12 weeks straight and has been played on multiple stations throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Kansas. With more music to be recorded, and shows booked across Texas, the future is bright for this young songwriter." - Texas Internet Radio

Hill Country

Texas-based outfit “Hill Country” travels the borderland between musical genres, busting down the gates that separate country, bluegrass, folk, and acoustic rock. Listening to the interweaving 5-part harmonies, rock-solid songwriting and effortless musicianship, it’s natural to assume they’ve been playing together for years—-yet it wasn’t until late 2019 that their five paths converged.  Primary front man and songwriter Zane Williams was already a well-established solo act with a loyal fan base and seven albums under his belt when he reached out to fellow Texas troubadour Paul Eason about starting a band. Paul had three solo albums of his own, not to mention a coveted side-man position playing lead guitar for Texas legend Kevin Fowler, but was immediately intrigued by the idea of a more collaborative project.  Houston-based drummer Lyndon Hughes was next hop on board, bringing his passion for group vocals and extensive engineering and producing experience working with artists like Cody Johnson, Sundance Head, Roger Creager, David Grace, and more. A jam session at a demo studio brought them all together with multi-instrumentalist and singer Andy Rogers on banjo, dobro, mandolin and guitar, and the chemistry was immediate. Eventually the band’s unique vocal blend crystallized with the addition of Austin’s own Sean Rodriguez on bass and vocals.

Recorded in Austin and Houston over a period of eleven months, Hill Country’s self-titled debut album takes the listener on a sprawling journey through twelve original songs arranged, produced, and performed by the band members themselves. Album opener “River Roll” weaves three acoustic guitars and vibey percussion like the echo of a 70’s-era James Taylor. Rootsy rocker “Work to Do” would feel right at home on a Steeldrivers album, while the lost-love lament “Dixie Darlin” recalls the traditions of Lonestar story-tellers like Jerry Jeff Walker and Michael Martin Murphy. Album standout “The Eagle” is an instant classic, poignant and concise, lifted by soaring harmonies over a bed of dobro, mandolin, and guitar.  Whether it’s the Texas hill country, the hills of Tennessee, California, Georgia, or New York—-the term “hill country” is as universal as music itself. The men of Hill Country have spent countless miles exploring territories both musical and geographic, and yet their journey together, perhaps their greatest journey yet, is just beginning.

Mason Marek

Mason Marek is the embodiment of a true-blooded, blue-collared artist and musician. From New Ulm, Texas, Mason grew up playing with his grandpa, Gaylen, across the state. Early on, he began writing short stories while surrounded by true, genuine Texas Country Music. This storytelling passion would one day become the foundation for his songwriting. After the passing of his grandfather, Mason’s love for playing faded as he lost the one who introduced him to music. During this period, he would have to deal with the loss of several other close family members. After he graduated, he began to find music again and rediscovered his passion. However, death would come again as his best friend of 17 years suddenly passed away. This time, however, it would be different. The music stayed and helped Mason cope with the losses he’s experienced. He began to express his feelings in his lyrics and decided to record his songs as a symbol of starting a new chapter in life.

Reckless Kelly

Understanding the virtuosity of Reckless Kelly requires the perspective of where the band has been. Cody and Willy Braun grew up in the White Cloud Mountains of Idaho. They moved to Bend, Oregon, and then migrated to that great musical fountainhead, Austin, Texas.

The band’s co-founders and frontmen toured the country as part of their father’s band, Muzzie Braun and the Boys, as children. They performed on The Tonight Show twice. Their father taught his four sons a professional ethic – integrity, persistence, hard work and professionalism – honed over three generations. They overcame hardships, struggled for recognition, and learned the lessons of the trial and error that defined them.

In one sense, it’s remarkable in the way of any musician, athlete, or businessperson who bucks the odds. In another, though, it’s utterly natural that Reckless Kelly, born in the dreams of the two Braun brothers and their heritage but nurtured in the bumpy road of maturity, became the very essence of Americana music in all its far-flung glory.

Jake Bush

Jake Bush is an American Singer/Songwriter who has served his country with pride in the U.S Army Reserves based out of Ellington Field in Webster, Tx. With two 5-Song EP’s, 2 Single’s and countless unreleased songs in his vault, is making a name for himself in the Texas Music Scene. Jake has shared the stage with some heroes such as: Cory Morrow, Parker McCollum, Jake Worthington, William Clark Green, Big & Rich, Kyle Hutton, Bri Bagwell, Glen Templeton, Zane Williams, Rich Trevino, and many more. Jake was raised on traditional values and music is everything, there’s no stopping for Jake. C’mon 2020!